Microsoft Word Intermediate (Dummy)

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Course Name Microsoft Word Intermediate Level 02
US name Use a graphical user interface (GUI)- based word processor to format documents US Number 117924
NQF 03 Credits 05

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Next stage in Microsoft Word. This course takes you deep into detail of how additional functions of Microsoft Word works and when to use them.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Word
  • Chapter 2: Creating a menu
  • Chapter 3: ClipArt
  • Chapter 4: Working with Tabs
  • Chapter 5: Hyphenation
  • Chapter 6: Bullets and Numbering
  • Chapter 7: Paragraph Formatting
  • Chapter 8: Working with Multiple Documents
  • Chapter 9: Formatting Pages
  • Chapter 10: Formatting Documents
  • Chapter 11: Section Breaks
  • Chapter 12: Styles and Templates
  • Chapter 13: Working with Tables
  • Chapter 14: Working with Columns